When people think of Latin America, I bet many of them will conjure up images of shanty towns, poverty, police corruption, crime and chaos. And yet, while the continent does have its fair share of problems, it’s not always that way. Chile is an example of how Latin America could be if it got its act together: wealthy, democratic, developed, stable and safe, arguably with more in common with Europe than South America. Continue reading “Chile”


Bolivia #3: The Andean Altiplano

Hello again. It’s about time I wrote another blog to prove to anyone that thought I had died that I am still very much alive. At the time of writing, of course. Wouldn’t want to tempt fate, lest a big wolf eats me as soon as I click publish, or something like that. Continue reading “Bolivia #3: The Andean Altiplano”

Bolivia #2: The Tropical Lowlands

Greetings from Coroico, a little village perched in the hills not far from the Bolivian capital La Paz. It’s pleasant enough, but since the sign by the road into town reading “Welcome to Paradise” rather overhyped the place I can’t help but feel rather disappointed. Also, a bird shat on my shoulder earlier, and yes, such things influence my judgement of a town. Continue reading “Bolivia #2: The Tropical Lowlands”