Welcome to the Dancing Nanter

Hello. I am The Dancing Nanter. But you can call me Greg.

So, why have I decided to write a blog? Well, in about an hour’s time I’m setting off on a long trip across South America, which- if all goes according to plan- will encompass six different countries, jungles, mountains, deserts and cities, and involve a hell of a lot of time sat on buses.

Over the past few months, a few people have suggested to me that I should write a blog to keep people up to date with how my travels are going. This isn’t such a huge step for me. Every time I’ve been abroad in the last couple of years I’ve been keeping travel diaries- partly because I don’t trust my memory to remember everything that happens, but also because I actually quite enjoy writing.

While at first I decided I’d be happier keeping my thoughts to myself as per usual, I’ve since reconsidered- as you probably already figured out. Don’t ask why it’s called Dancing Nanter, whatever excuse I provide just won’t cut it.

Writing a blog appeals to me because I can type faster than I can write by hand. I can edit what I have written. I don’t have to worry I’ll lose my blog, or that it’ll be stolen. It will… oh what the hell, I just want attention. There, I said it! Now leave me alone.

So, this website will keep anyone bored enough to read up to date with my progress as I travel across South America: from Peru and Bolivia through the Atacama, down the Pacific coast to Santiago in Chile, then switching across to Buenos Aires and up the Atlantic to Salvador in Brazil.

Starting from Peru in the West, and ending in Salvador, Brazil in the East

Of course, I can’t promise I won’t get sick of writing and give up before I get that far. I can’t promise I won’t be gunned down by some armed robbers in Brazil, thus simultaneously ending both my blog and my life. Frankly, given that my Peruvian visa expired last week I can’t even promise I’ll make it out of the country…

But, while in general I am a remarkably untalented person, I’d like to think that I have at least one: the ableness to make good writings in English wordings. So, I’m confident that I can make this thing worth reading, and hopefully by the time I get home the publishing deals will be rolling in.

Erm… that’s that. Feel free to lavish praise upon me in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Dancing Nanter

  1. Can there be a more honest reason to start a blog then this “oh what the hell, I just want attention. There, I said it!” Good you finally decided on a name, and got it going. I am looking forward to having a regular look at what you’re up to!

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