Peru and Bolivia

Hello from Copacabana, a little town on the shores of Lake Titicaca just over two and a half miles above sea level (for all you lucky people who don’t have to deal with imperial measurements, that’s 3.8 kilometres). It occurred to me earlier today that given the town’s altitude, I must currently be at a higher altitude than the overwhelming majority of people on earth (and no, airplane passengers don’t count), which is a rather strange thought. Continue reading “Peru and Bolivia”


Welcome to the Dancing Nanter

Hello. I am The Dancing Nanter. But you can call me Greg.

So, why have I decided to write a blog? Well, in about an hour’s time I’m setting off on a long trip across South America, which- if all goes according to plan- will encompass six different countries, jungles, mountains, deserts and cities, and involve a hell of a lot of time sat on buses. Continue reading “Welcome to the Dancing Nanter”